Hi, I'm Chris.

But my mates call me ‘Dogba’.

Welcome to my website.

Well hello there…

I am a marketing professional based in London with a passion for digital and design.

With plenty still to learn and discover, I have roughly 6 years experience delivering on a tonne of digital projects and campaigns. I’m as hungry as ever to see how far the digital envelope can be pushed.

I built this website as an outlet for all my random ideas and to track my journey, if it inspires someone in the process – BONUS! 

Expect to find on here my ramblings, ideas and thoughts about all things digital – and anything else that tickles my fancy.

I hope you enjoy the ride.  

Latest Thinking

What the Tweet!?

My latest thoughts


Thoughts and ideas on the latest in digital marketing.

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Work Briefcase


What I’ve been up to over the past few years in digital marketing.

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